The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 Super Bowl teaser tells America to wake up. Internet loves the creepy video

The Handmaid’s Tale,The Handmaid’s Tale Video,The Handmaid’s Tale Ad

The first teaser for the upcoming third season of The Handmaid’s Tale was released at the Super Bowl game on Sunday. The video has been called one of the best ads to debut during the game.

The short, 30-second teaser has left Twitter impressed with its misdirection and creepy tone. The ad started out like Ronald Reagan’s 1984 campaign ad Morning in America. But it was soon revealed to be a teaser for the next season of The Handmaid’s Tale. “Wake up America, morning’s over,” lead actor Elizabeth Moss says in a voiceover.

The clip shows events from before America was turned into Gilead and after the events of season 2. Serena’s home appears to be on fire, women are seen in the colonies, Ofglen is seen with June’s baby and an army of handmaids is seen outside the Washington Monument, which has now been turned into a cross.

“I can’t EVEN with that #TheHandmaidsTale trailer!!!,” wrote a Twitter user after watching the video. “I need season 3 of #TheHandmaidsTale to be out like yesterday!,” wrote another. “Once again, #TheHandmaidsTale shows how brilliant it is at weaving its dramatic story with political and social relevancy. Bring this new season to me RIGHT NOW!,” wrote a fan.


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