A ‘Mature Bag’ Has Taken Over the Indian Internet and it Packs a Lot of Memes

Image result for A 'Mature Bag' Has Taken Over the Indian Internet and it Packs a Lot of MemesIt doesn’t take long for something to go viral on social media these days. Remember the JCB memes which broke the internet a few weeks back? All because someone discovered that the JCB ki Khudayi videos have a million views on YouTube. Yes, precisely, you get our point.

Now, the mature bag has taken over the internet.

What is the “mature bag”? Good question.

A couple of days ago, a video went viral on social media where a young guy explains how to look attractive in college. And according to him, the bag you carry to college plays a crucial role in winning you brownie points.

He says that one shouldn’t carry the same bag one carried to school while in college. They need to opt for a “mature bag” in order to look more attractive. In the video, he recommends that college goers should go for a brown leather bag from Amazon if they want to look “cool.”

This particular bag is quite common and one of Amazon’s most popular products. The video, made in good humour, quickly caught on and Twitterati took the mature bag on a ride to meme university.

In fact, some flooded the product review section on Amazon with comments like, “I bought this bag and within ten minutes of entering college, I had 6 girls ask me out.”


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