Cloud gaming explained: Ever wondered how hardware-less gaming works?

In the last six months, Cloud gaming has gone from last-page news to front-page news among the tech fraternity. Nvidia, Google, Microsoft, Steam, Sony, and several other players are putting in the hours to ensure their cloud gaming platforms are up and running before 2020.

Since several cloud gaming services are still in development, we’ve decided to take you through the nitty-gritty of cloud game streaming.

What is cloud game streaming?

Cloud gaming is essentially hardware-less gaming. This method of playing video games is undertaken by utilising remote hardware in the form of servers owned by separate companies. Cloud gaming relies on internet streaming to allow players to play games on the device of their choosing. This will enable you to play games on your console, smartphone, TV or PC without relying on internal hardware to power the games. Take, Google Stadia, for example, which only relies on a Chrome browser to run games.

How can I play games on the cloud?

Firstly, you’ll need to register with one of the many cloud gaming service providers available – if they’re available in your region. Secondly, ensure your Internet speed complies with the recommendation the cloud gaming service demands — lastly, a compatible device to stream the game on.

What games can you play?

Game libraries on the cloud could vary from service to service. Take, for example, Google Stadia, which offers several AAA titles or Microsoft’s Project xCloud promises access to all the games in a user’s Xbox library. Nvidia’s GeForce Now already has an archive of over 500 games.

Game subscription service vs Game streaming service?

A game streaming service allows you to play games with a reliable Internet connection. You won’t need to download games before playing them using a game streaming service. So, you don’t need to worry about disk space or hardware requirements.

Game subscription services allow you to access a vault of games for a monthly or yearly fee. Game subscription services let users download several games on a device of your choosing to run locally. Some examples of subscription services are Xbox Game Pass, Origin, and the upcoming Apple Arcade, to name a few.


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