Atos launches hardware security module for security of IoT ecosystems

Atos announced the launch of its new Hardware Security Module (HSM) for IoT, a high-performance security device designed to protect IoT ecosystems through cryptographic features. The new HSM, part of the Horus portfolio, combines ‘as-a-Service’ access, centralized key management system and IoT security services for a fully-integrated solution.

The new Horus HSM for IoT by Atos is available for applications running in SaaS mode (software-as-a-service) and enables several tenants to benefit from ultimate encryption as if they had their own dedicated HSM. Indeed, the HSM solution is divided into several ‘security domains’ which can be personalized by each tenant, and act as tamper-proof strongboxes with high levels of isolation between tenants, users and roles. The security teams can remotely manage HSMs without any physical access – which simplifies security management and saves time.

To securely manage IoT devices, each connected object must be given a trusted identity through the provision of secure cryptographic keys via HSMs. The Horus HSM for IoT provides a Key Management Center which reduces the number and complexity of operations for security officers, while ensuring consistency in key distribution for multi-sites deployment contexts.

Beyond ‘classic’ HSM features, the Horus HSM for IoT offers embedded IoT security services, such as the authentication of communicating devices and the processing and confidentiality of data transmitted. These services are specific to each industry sector and follow the latest IoT security protocols, such as: LoRAWAN 1.0/1.1 for telecommunications, DLMS/COSEM for Utilities and smart meters, LWM2M/OSCORE for machine to machine communications and device management in industrial IoT.

“The Horus HSM by Atos is suitable for all sectors” says David Leporini, IoT Security Director at Atos. “In digital banking, payment solution editors can use it to secure transactions in banking processing. In manufacturing, the Horus HSM for IoT could be used to secure all smart machine to machine communications”.


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